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EMC Converged Infrastructure DEA-64T1 practice test questions and answers for free

What are the key focal areas of iTaaS?
A. Operational efficiency, rapid response, and infrastructure
B. Business outcomes, operational efficiency, and competitiveness
C. Business requirements, competitiveness, and cost-center implementation
D. Rapid response, infrastructure, and business requirements
Correct Answer: B

What is a characteristic of cloud-native applications?
A. Applications have insight into the underlying infrastructure
B. Application performance and response times are always improved
C. Services are tightly coupled and interdependent
D. Services are developed and deployed independently
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://pivotal.io/cloud-native

What is the maximum number of nodes supported in a VxRail cluster?
A. 16
B. 32
C. 64
D. 96
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/en-zm/collaterals/unauth/white-papers/products/convergedinfrastructure/h15275-vxrail-planning-guide-virtual-san-stretched-cluster.pdf

What ability can a business obtain when using a microservices-oriented architecture to develop cloud-native
A. Upgrade applications without regression testing
B. Produces resilient monolithic applications
C. Implement automated development processes
D. Quickly collect data for business analytics
Correct Answer: C

How do end-users interact with Dell EMC converged or hyper-converged systems?
A. Using the built-in service processor
B. Through a computer connected to the same network
C. Through SNMP
D. Directly with the server computers
Correct Answer: D

Which infrastructure model allows a company to rapidly expand capacity while maintaining control of its data?
A. Public cloud
B. Hybrid cloud
C. Virtualized infrastructure
D. Private Cloud
Correct Answer: A

What makes software-defined architecture possible?
A. iTaaS
B. Hyper-convergence
C. SaaS
D. Virtualization
Correct Answer: B

Which Dell EMC product provides storage management and visibility to multi-vendor storage arrays in virtualized and
cloud environments?
A. VMware SRM
B. ViPR Controller
D. VMware Storage vMotion
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.emc.com/techpubs/vipr/intro_to_vipr_srm-1.html

What are components of identity access management in Pivotal Cloud Foundry?
A. Application security groups and firewalls
B. Tokens and SSO
C. Releases and stemcells
D. Event logging and monitoring
Correct Answer: B

An organization is using a cloud to deploy applications. The organization is responsible for updating their applications
but not the underlying development tools. Which cloud service model is in use by the organization?
A. Public
B. Hybrid
C. PaaS
D. IaaS
Correct Answer: D

Which software is used to conduct health checks on VxRack FLEX?
A. Device Manager
B. VxFlex Manager
C. Element Manager
D. UCS Manager
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-67154

Match each Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric feature to its function.

DEA-64T1 exam questions-q12

Reference: http://marketing.us.fujitsu.com/rs/407-MTR-501/images/gui-nutanix-on-primergy-en_internal_FINAL.pdf

What is the benefit of server virtualization?
A. Enhanced compute efficiency
B. Applications deployed in weeks and months
C. Operating systems updated automatically
D. Enhanced data availability
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://www.emc.com/collateral/software/white-papers/h8135-it-journey-server-virtualization-wp.pdf (14)

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