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Free VCE & PDF File for ACI 3I0-012 Dumps Real Exam Quetsions(1-18)
Which one of the following bullion coins has a 999.9/1000 gold purity (.9999 fineness)?
A. the Canadian andquot;Maple Leafandquot;
B. the South African andquot;Krugerandandquot;
C. the American andquot;Gold Eagleandquot;
D. the United Kingdom andquot;Sovereignandquot;
3I0-012 exam Correct Answer: A

The andquot;spot basisandquot; of a 2 against 4 months EUR/USD forward/forward swap is:
A. usually the current spot EUR/USD mid-market rate
B. commonly the prevailing 4-month forward EUR/USD mid-rate
C. always the forward EUR/USD bid rate of the first swap leg
D. generally the prevailing 2-month forward EUR/USD mid-rate
Correct Answer: D

When constructing a gap report, how would a EUR 25,000,000.00 long position in 6×12 FRA be categorized?
A. as a EUR 25,000,000.00 6-month liability and a EUR 25,000,000.00 12-month asset
B. as a EUR 25,000,000.00 12-month liability and a EUR 25,000,000.00 6-month asset
C. as a EUR 12,500,000.00 6-month liability and a EUR 12,500,000.00 12-month asset
D. as a EUR 12,500,000.00 6-month asset and a EUR 12,500,000.00 12-month liability
3I0-012 dumps Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is not a negotiable instrument?
Correct Answer: B

What is a andquot;normalandquot; shaped curve?
A. Gradual positive slope
B. Steep positive slope
C. Flat
D. Inverted
3I0-012 pdf Correct Answer: A

When a broker calls andquot;offandquot; at the very instant a dealer andquot;hitsandquot; the broker\’s price:
A. The transaction should be concluded.
B. The broker decides whether or not the deal is done.
C. ACI\’s Committee for Professionalism will decide whether the transaction should be concluded.
D. The transaction should not be concluded.
Correct Answer: D

Purchasing a USD/JPY call option is equivalent to:
A. Selling an JPY/USD put option
B. Selling a JPY/USD call option
C. Purchasing an JPY/USD put option
D. None of the above
3I0-012 vce Correct Answer: C

Bank participants have a duty to make it clear that their prices are firm or merely indicative:
A. Only if they are dealing with brokers.
B. Only if they are dealing in a fast moving market.
C. Only if the amount is not marketable.
D. At all times.
Correct Answer: D

It is June. You are over-borrowed from October to January on your deposit book. How would you hedge using FRAs?
A. Sell 3×6
B. Buy 3×6
C. Sell 4×7
D. Buy 4×7
3I0-012 exam Correct Answer: C

What is Funds Transfer Pricing in the ALM process?
A. A maturity analysis of a bank\’s interest-bearing assets and interest-bearing liabilities.
B. A method used to measure how much each source of funding is contributing to overall profitability.
C. A calculation of the spread between the duration of the interest-bearing assets and the interestbearing liabilities.
D. The evaluation and management of the gap between a bank\’s volume of loans and deposits.
Correct Answer: B

The use of standard settlement instructions (SSI\’s) is strongly encouraged because:
A. It reduces operational risk.
B. It splits differences arising from failed settlement between the two counterparties.
C. It removes the need for sending out SWIFT payment authorisations.
D. All of the above.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following statements regarding economic capital is correct?
A. Economic capital is calculated externally and is the amount of capital the firm should have to support its target credit
B. Economic capital is calculated on an expected shortfall basis with a specific time horizon and confidence level.
C. Economic capital is used for measuring and reporting risks across a financial organisation.
D. Economic capital is always lower than regulatory capital because of the more adequate modelling of correlation effects compared to the regulatory approach.
3I0-012 dumps Correct Answer: C

What are IMM dates?
A. The 10th of March, June, September and December.
B. The third Wednesdays of January, April, July and October.
C. The Mondays before the third Wednesdays of March, June, September and December.
D. The third Wednesdays of March, June, September and December.
Correct Answer: D

If GSP/USD is quoted to you at 1.61 20-30, how much GSP would you receive if you sold USD 2000,000?
A. 1,239,925.60
B. 1,237,873.80
C. 1,240,694.79
D. 1,242,720.50
3I0-012 pdf Correct Answer: A

What is the ISO code for palladium?
Correct Answer: D

If you sell forward USD to a client against EUR, what is the first thing you should do to cover your exposure to exchange
rate movements?
A. Sell and buy USD in the FX swap market
B. Sell USD in the spot market
C. Buy USD in the spot market
D. Buy and sell USD in the FX swap market
3I0-012 vce Correct Answer: C

What should a dealer say to express his commitment to putting an additional bid or offer at a current bid or offer price
already quoted by his broker?
A. same wayandquot;
B. me tooandquot;
C. andquot;parandquot;, or andquot;parityandquot;
D. andquot;join atandquot;, or andquot;support atandquot;
Correct Answer: D

Click on the Exhibit Button to view the Formula Sheet, If the value date of forward USD/JPY transactions is declared a
holiday in either New York or Tokyo, the correct value date will be:
A. The value date of the centre which is open.
B. The next business day of the centre which is closed.
C. The next business day when both NewYork and Tokyo are open.
D. None of the above.
3I0-012 exam Correct Answer: C

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