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Free VCE & PDF File for Microsoft 70-494 Real Exam Quetsions(1-30)

1. When optimizing application efficiency, an improvement in efficiency from the current 90% to an efficiency of 95% or more should result in :
A. Significantly increased response time
B. Significantly decreased response time
C. Significantly increased network utilization
D. None of the above
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Answer: D

2. We can calculate for a file transfer by dividing file size by link speed.
A. Bandwidth latency
B. Application efficiency
C. Congestion delay
D. Throughput
Answer: A

3. To accurately calculate bandwidth latency we must know . (Choose all that apply)
A. The fastest link speed in the path between client and server
B. The slowest link speed in the path between client and server
C. The link speed between the client and the firewall
D. The distance between the client and the server (based on .66 the speed of light)
E. All of the above
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Answer: B

4. Round-trip distance latency between Phoenix and Singapore (9,081 miles or 14,529 km) is
A. About 165 milliseconds
B. About 270 milliseconds
C. About 500 milliseconds
D. About 1 second
Answer: A

5. If the predictive analysis results in response time that is slightly more than what users are experiencing, what action should we take?
A. Review the parameters used in the predictive analysis, this should not happen
B. Analyze the network, it can not be the application
C. Analyze the network then the application, it may be either one
D. Nothing, this is normal
70-494 pdf 
Answer: D

6. Distance latency can be improved by .
A. Relocating client computers to the same switch as the server
B. Relocating the server to the client location
C. Increasing the bandwidth on the slowest link
D. Reducing the amount of data transmitted across the network
E. Upgrading the interconnecting devices (routers and switches) between the client and the server
Answer: AB

7. Output from the predictive analysis model should match data in the .
A. Sniffer Statistics tab
B. Application Profile
C. Ping command
D. All of the above
70-494 vce 
Answer: B

8. Predictive analysis describes the worst case performance of an application based on the design and configuration of the network.
Answer: B

9. 0.002.750.000, as a measure of time, can also be represented as .
A. 27 ?milliseconds
B. 2.75 microseconds
C. 2.75 milliseconds

D. 2.75 nanoseconds
70-494 exam 
Answer: C

10. If we do not know the speed of all of the links between the client and the server, we can to calculate bandwidth delay.
A. Use our network diagram
B. Estimate based on the 3-way handshake
C. Use the speed of the link nearest the server
D. Use the Line Speed displayed in the Sniffer
Answer: A

11. When conducting a predictive analysis, one of the input parameters to the model is the user task time in seconds. If you do not know this value you can estimate how long the task took (round up to whole seconds) to get a fairly accurate prediction for the task.
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Answer: B

12. The Predictive Analysis Model requires to be documented as part of the application profile.
A. Task duration and application turns
B. Application turns and Relative time
C. Cumulative bytes and number of tasks
D. File size and total time
Answer: A

13. The type of application usually does not have any request/reply interactions after the initial session is established.
A. Interactive
B. Throughput-oriented
C. Transaction-oriented
D. Streaming
70-494 pdf 
Answer: D

14. The image below is a view of the Sniffer Expert Connection layer statistics. From the statistics shown we can determine that .
A. The client was very busy
B. The server was very busy
C. Very little delay occurred in the transmission of the data

D. Retransmissions had a serious effect on the transmission of the data
Answer: B

15. When capturing data for the application profile, it is best to capture , when possible.
A. Just the traffic for this application
B. Only the traffic going to or from the server
C. Only the traffic going to or from the client
D. All of the traffic on the network segment
70-494 vce 
Answer: D

16. This image shows one of the Sniffer Monitor applications. The Sniffer application shown in the graphic can be very useful in analyzing .
A. Response timeA.Response timeA.Response time
B. Application efficiencyB.Application efficiencyB.Application efficiency
C. Name resolutionC.Name resolutionC.Name resolution
D. Traffic flow D.Traffic flow D.Traffic flow
Answer: D

17. Bandwidth latency can be calculated for an individual frame.

70-494 exam 
Answer: A

18. To ensure that you have captured all of the task data, it is recommended that you use .
A. The largest capture buffer possible
B. A restrictive filter
C. Frame slicing
D. The capture panel window
Answer: D

19. A bandwidth consumption graph can help us determine .
A. The total amount of data sent by the client
B. The total amount of data sent by the server
C. The total amount of bandwidth available to operate the application
D. The average amount of bandwidth available to operate the application
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Answer: C

20. In a multi-tier application environment, the application server maintains the data store.
Answer: B

21. Which management system is used as an Application Launch Point to access the SAM21 Shelf Controller Manager?
A. Call Agent Management (CAM) System
B. CS 2100 Element Manager Web Server
C. Network Patch Management (NPM) System
D. Succession Element and Sub-element Management (SESM) System
70-494 pdf Answer: D

22. In the CS 2000 Management Tools, you are about to apply a patch. If the SpApp check box is checked, what must you do before applying the patch?
A. Don’t do anything. Apply the patch.
B. Uncheck the check box before continuing.
C. Display the Special Application instructions before continuing.
D. Check for the availability of Spare Application cards before continuing.
Answer: C

23. From the STORM Manager Storage Panel window, when should you execute removal of a file system?
A. after regular working hours
B. after testing file system integrity
C. only at the direction of Nortel support personnel
D. when file systems can be safely removed at any time without effecting the operation
70-494 vce Answer: C

24. You need to reconfigure the IP addresses of both Call Agent cards in a CS 2100 Compact system. You have the following base-eight consecutive IP address range for the two Call Agents:
In the base-eight IP address range, which one must you assign as ACTIVEIRM?
Answer: D

25. Nortel recommends an IP addressing scheme for Call Agent and other call processing nodes in the Communication Server LAN (CS-LAN). Given this information, which manner should you use to provision the nodes in a CS 2100 Compact Server solution?
A. in a predetermined Class A address network
B. in a private call processing subnet of the CS-LAN
C. in the widely known IP address range of 192.168.0.x
D. each node is provisioned within its own special subnet of the CS-LAN
70-494 exam Answer: B

26. What do the items displayed on the SAM21 Shelf Controller Manager Network Element display represent?
A. a SAM21 Shelf
B. a CS 2100 XA-Core System
C. a CS 2100 Compact System
D. a SAM21 Shelf Controller Card

27. A privateLAN is established between two Call Agent cards and uses the network in a CS 2100 Compact Server system. Which ports on the two Call Agent cards use this network?
A. localptp and mateptp
B. localport0 and mateport0
C. localport1 and mateport1
D. localblade and mateblade
70-494 dumps Answer:A

28. The Gateway Controller (GWC) requires information so that it can communicate with Call Agent. When a GWC is added using the CS 2100 Management Tool, an IP address is entered in the Message Router IP field. What does this IP address belong to?
A. the Local PTP IP address

B. the Mate Port 0 IP address
C. the Local Port 0 IP address
D. the Call Agentactive IRM IP address
Answer: D

29. You need to access the Application Launch Point for the SAM21 Shelf Controller Manager. After you launch a web browser to the following link: http://<host>, what do you input for <host>?
A. the SAM21 Network Element
B. the IP address of the Mate Controller
C. the IP address of the SAM21 Shelf Controller
D. the name or IP address of the CS 2000 Management Tools Server
70-494 pdf Answer: D

30. There are two tables in the call processing application that require datafill before the components in the LAN can communicate with the Call Agent. One is Table IPHOST, what is the other?
A. Table IPINV

Answer: D

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